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The slashers approached the house on schedule, despite protests and more than one attempt to stall. Pinhead rang the doorbell, turning to his companions for one last warning. "Remember, everyone: best behaviour."


"Alright, everyone, They should be arriving any moment, so remember: Best behavior."

Lydia was met with a collective groan, but she ignored it for the most part. So long as everyone acted civil toward their guests, she could put up with a few sour pusses. Giving the living room a quick once-over, Lydia nearly jumped out of her skin as a loud, inhuman flatulence echoed throughout the house.

"Dammit, Betelguese," Lydia screeched as she bolted in an attempt to beat her fiancé, who was for once bathed and dressed in a clean suit, to the door. "What did I tell you about messing with the doorbell?"

"Lydia, please," Betelguese feigned shock as he motioned towards the neighbors standing in the now open doorway. "Is that anyway to speak in front of company? For shame. You must excuse her. She’s a bit stressed."

Mortified, Lydia let loose a flustered laugh as she tried to regain her composure. Straightening her black pencil skirt, she motioned for them to enter.

Heh… Please, come in. I’m so sorry about that. The… house is old and tends to make the most unusual of noises.”

"Indeed," Pinhead replied. The farting doorbell would have annoyed him if not for the small snort of laughter it had pulled out of Angela. Given how morose the girl had been all day, he was grateful to anything that would raise her spirits. He turned to Beetlejuice with a wry smile. "Your handiwork, I’m guessing?"

The others entered behind Pinhead, each doing their best not to look awkward. Leatherface quickly adjusted his dress- custom made just for this dinner- mirroring Lydia’s movements. Michael remained close to the back, hoping to go mostly unnoticed.

"Nice place," Ghostface said. "You know, I never realized this house was here before."

I’d have the biggest arguments with people about the legitimacy or otherwise of fanfic. I’ve got a real issue about people who dismiss fanfic with a sweep of the hand just because it’s not official. And I find it staggering that you could be an artist—a professional artist, a professional Transformers artist—and no one bats an eye when they hear, ‘You know what, I’ve been doodling Ultra Magnus since I was eight.’ Or ‘I’ve spent ten years painstakingly drawing my favorite Transformers characters, and now my ability has been recognized and I’m doing it professionally.’ As an artist, that’s entirely normal. But if you’re a writer who expressed your love for the … Maybe I’m just airing all my personal grievances now. But you know what I mean, it shouldn’t be any different for a writer. And actually these days, surely professionals in the comics world—or beyond, but particularly comics … Dan Slott, for example. He didn’t create his first Spider-Man story when he was given the job of writing Amazing Spider-Man. Fans become pros; people have a love of things, and that encourages them to be creative, and there’s an overlap of what they love and what they write about or what they draw. It happens. But you know, fanfiction is used almost exclusively as a pejorative term; it’s used as a term of abuse. As I said, I don’t read it now, but you mentioned Telefunken—I wrote fanfic, Transformers fanfic. I’m proud of writing it; I gave it my all, as I give More Than Meets the Eye my all. And there were other writers, at the time—my contemporaries—who wrote Transformers fanfic, and they are fantastic, and the stories they wrote are fantastic. And it’s the same in other branches of fanfiction, too.
James Roberts [x] (via morethansky)
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